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“I can't believe I've gone all these years without experiencing this, I feel energized and relaxed, finally...thank you!" SN

I practice Holistic-Therapeutic Body Massage and On-Site Chair Massage.

With over 26 years qualified experience, I have the knowledge that massage is indeed not to be overlooked as a method of preventative healthcare and is also a hugely successful way to refresh you and look after yourself.


“You have the hands of an Angel!” MA

 I practice Holistic-Therapeutic Body Massage (similiar to Swedish massage) with a variety of Health Projects in Edinburgh. I also practice On-Site Chair Massage within a wide range of work places.

I am registered with the Ctha-Complementary Therapists Association (EMBODY) working mainly in Edinburgh and the Lothians.


My technique has evolved and developed over time creating a tailored made massage that meets the needs of each individual client. This results in specific health rewards for the receiver and positive recognition that my work has made a real difference.  My aim is to give you the client a feeling of overall well-being, physically,   and leaving you feeling mentally calm and revitalized.